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As one of the largest transport companies in Slovakia, we are aware of the impact of diesel trucks on nature and our health. We perceive sustainability and ecology as a priority and we want to drive in such a way that we put as little strain on the environment as possible. Therefore, we decided to launch our environmental project.

Eco project

We currently have more than 200 trucks in our fleet, which are gradually being replaced by new ECO models running on alternative fuels. The aim is to drive around Slovakia and supply the residents of our country only with ecological vehicles. These vehicles maximize the benefits of an environmental-friendly fuel and contribute to improving air quality, reducing climate changes and creating a quiet environment. They will help us to reduce our emission average and carbon footprint.

We are going to leave a green footprint

Nature has already taken root in transport


Emissions of vehicles are concomitant pollutants in normal operation that have an adverse effect on the environment and man. Emissions are often identified only with exhaust gases, but these forms are only a part of them.

Emissions can be divided into:

  • Gaseous emissions (exhaust gases)
  • Vapors (released during refueling)
  • Solid waste emissions (soot and particulate matter)
  • Noise emissions (caused by engine operation)
  • Emissions of electromagnetic radiation (released by powerful electric vehicles)


In the first phase of the project, we tested several brands of trucks that meet the conditions for ecological transport:

The vehicles drove around Slovakia and you could recognize them thanks to the bright green print on the semi-trailers. The producers allowed us to get acquainted in detail with the technology and explained all the pros and cons. There is a tender currently underway for the supplier of the first 100 tractors to complete our fleet. These vehicles will be powered by liquefied natural gas LNG. In the second phase, we also plan to purchase trucks that run on CNG compressed natural gas.

Alternative fuels

Natural gas is a more environmentally friendly fuel for internal combustion engines, which brings significant environmental benefits:

  • improves air quality
  • eliminates air pollutants, including very low nitrogen oxide emissions
  • reduces carbon dioxide emissions
  • contributes to mitigating global warming
  • significantly reduces the noise load in city centers or during night delivery

The basis of the operation of the CNG filling station is the compression of natural gas by a compressor and the “injection” of gas into the pressure vessel in the vehicle. Filling with CNG fuel is considered safe and easy.


LNG, natural gas, first subcooled, which changes its form to liquid. Thanks to this, it is possible to significantly increase the amount of fuel in the tank and with it the range of the vehicle, up to 3.5 times.


Emission reductions depend on the brand and model of a particular vehicle, but the difference can be huge. For each vehicle, it is up to -99% of particulate matter, – 90% of hydrocarbons with the exception of methane, reducing CO2 emissions by approximately -15% compared to diesel and up to -95% compared to biomethane. The propulsion of LNG and CNG vehicles is also associated with a significant reduction in noise below the so-called night traffic, which helps to improve the quality of life of people in cities and towns.