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Jobs in NAD-RESS

We are looking for drivers for our NAD – RESS family

Are you a reliable driver, do you like driving and would you like to be part of our team? We are a family company and we realize that success is not only about everyday work, but also about belonging. We value our employees and their families, and therefore we offer a personal approach and many employee benefits.

Stable company

We are a large company with 20 years of experience and we offer our employees security and stability. We have been cooperating with big brands for many years, who are also our satisfied business partners. We want to constantly move forward, which is why we think ecologically and gradually plan to replace all our vehicles with new ECO models. All our employees work for us on a permanent basis and they have all their earnings on the payroll, thanks to what each of them has a secured mortgage and retirement savings. Payment is always on the bank account on the 14th day of the month, without delay.

We take care of you

We take care of food, beverages and clothing or equipment of our drivers. We want them to be happy with us, and that is why we support activities related to their family or health. We offer gym membership, wellness or organize teambuildings. The depot in Senec is available to all our drivers, especially to those who come from afar. They can spend the night there, use the restroom and enjoy a coffee, a shower or use a wash-machine. Thanks to good organization and logistics, they do not have to stress or hurry. There is enough time for each planned trip.

Quality fleet

There are more than 200 Mercedes and Volvo vehicles in our fleet, which are not older than 3 to 5 years. All vehicles are well maintained. We have our own service, so drivers do not have to worry about anything. They can also use this service to change tires on their private vehicle, with up to a 50% discount. We also offer them a discount on their private car insurance, which is cheaper through the company. As a technologically advanced company, we use the latest driving evaluation systems that help not only us but also drivers. Our instructors are always ready to train new employees and advise them on everything they need to know.

Many financial contributions

We offer employees a holiday semi-annual allowance, but also a Christmas allowance and end-of-year allowance. We reward them to their life and work anniversaries with special allowances, too. If drivers have to commute to work, they also have the opportunity to use the travel allowance. We even have a bonus for a smooth ride. We prefer to give the money saved on fuel to our drivers. Thanks to these various bonuses on offer, they are able to make a considerable profit and further improve their payout. It’s only in their hands.

Job offer

The job offer is valid for drivers with a C + E driving license for national and international transport (EU).

Wages of drivers NAD-RESS Senica, a.s. for December 2021 according to the breakdown of individual modes of transport:

Type of transport Number of drivers Average gross wage + compensation
National transport 109
Tractor + Semitrailer tilt resp. cabinet 53 2 005,42 €
Tractor + Refrigerator semitrailer 27 1 800,49 €
Flatbed – solo vehicle 29 1 576,05 €
International transport
Tractor + Semitrailer tilt 54 1 961,15 €
Regional transport
Flatbed – solo vehicle 28 1 654,16 €

See also archive wages of drivers in recent months.

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