For more than 20 years, the company NAD – RESS has been providing transport services not only throughout Slovakia, but also within the countries of the European Union.

Over the years, it has managed to build a state-of-the-art fleet of more than 200 vehicles and also a strong brand with a guarantee of quality and reliability. However, as a modern company and at the same time a leader in the transport segment, it is aware of its responsibility to the country in which it operates, to the people to whom it provides its services and especially to the environment, which deserves more attention than it currently has.

The owner of the company, Ing. Peter Halabrín: “We want to leave something behind, we want to be a role-model for others. That’s why we decided to invest in finding green solutions in transport and how we work, to contribute to a better climate. ”

Just this month, NAD – RESS is testing the first two ecological trucks to compare their driving characteristics. You can already meet vehicles on the road in Slovakia. You will also recognize them thanks to the bright green print on the trailers.

We currently have two IVECO S-WAY eco-trucks added to our fleet, which will be tested by our two most experienced drivers for a whole month. Subsequently, we will evaluate their rides and gradually start preparing the operation for a new, green mode of transport. ”

However, the whole process is much more complicated than it may seem at first glance. It is necessary to solve many issues related to the transport itself, to choose the right type of trucks and new technology, or to be prepare for investment. However, they started the project in cooperation with the BILLA brand, a network of supermarkets operated by BILLA spol. s.r.o., with which they have been cooperating as their transport partner for several years. The planned project will be a total of up to 130 vehicles replaced in order to drive around the Slovak Republic and supply the inhabitants of our country only with ECO vehicles.

“We rely on the correctness and care not only of our employees, but also of our surroundings, which is why trucks with the most advanced technology for driving natural gas engines are our great challenge. They produce almost no emissions and provide a guarantee for environmental sustainability, which has been a major problem in recent years. Basically, we can say that thanks to them we can ride in harmony with nature. ”

These vehicles maximize the benefits of environmentally friendly fuel to improve air quality, mitigate climate change and contribute to a quieter environment with a noise level of only 71 dB (A) when driving in quiet mode, which is ideal for night-time supply. It is therefore quite possible that NAD – RESS will soon become a carrier we will hardly hear, but we will still see on the road.